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Crest Audio ProLite 7.5 7,580 Watt Professional Power Amplifier Amp

Crest Audio ProLite 7.5 7,580 Watt Professional Power Amplifier Amp
Crest Audio ProLite 7.5 7,580 Watt Professional Power Amplifier Amp
Crest Audio ProLite 7.5 7,580 Watt Professional Power Amplifier Amp
Crest Audio ProLite 7.5 7,580 Watt Professional Power Amplifier Amp
Crest Audio ProLite 7.5 7,580 Watt Professional Power Amplifier Amp

Crest Audio ProLite 7.5 7,580 Watt Professional Power Amplifier Amp    Crest Audio ProLite 7.5 7,580 Watt Professional Power Amplifier Amp

Crest Audio ProLite 7.5 7,580 Watt Professional Power Amplifier Ultra-Lightweight Chassis w/ ACL Circuitry For Highly Efficient Trouble Free Operation. Condition: SLIGHTLY USED, TESTED TO BE IN PERFECT WORKING CONDITION, IN GREAT COSMETIC CONDITION, AND INCLUDES ORIGINAL BOX. Designed for years of reliable, flawless operation under rigorous use, the groundbreaking Pro-LITET series utilizes an advanced design that dramatically reduces weight, while increasing output power, reliability and thermal efficiency. Pro-LITET Series amplifiers are also designed with a resonant switch-mode power supply and a highspeed class D topology, that yields the highest audio resolution and efficiency available. This revolutionary amplifier offers the sonic superiority and unsurpassed reliability for which Crest® is famous, in an extremely efficient and lightweight design.

Advanced technology and extensive protection circuitry allow operation with greater efficiency into difficult loads and power conditions. In other words, you get an amazingly powerful and efficient amplifier that won't break your budget or your back! The ACLT (Automatic Clip Limiting) circuitry ensures trouble-free operation into loads as low as 2 ohms.

ACLT protects drivers and ensures that sonic integrity is maintained, even in extreme overload conditions. The Pro-LITE's high-efficiency design allows the amplifier to operate at very low temperatures, and does not require massive heat sinks to cool. For your safety, read the important precautions section, as well as input, output and power connection instructions. Although the Pro-LITET amplifier is simple to operate and housed in an ultra-strong, ultra-lightweight chassis, improper use can be dangerous.

This amplifier is very high-powered and can put out high voltages and sizable currents at frequencies up to 30 kHz. Always use safe operating techniques when operating this amplifier.

Compared to the most expensive amplifier amongst my equipment (Crown Itech), the ProLite 7.5 does very well at all frequencies. The Crown iTech does not have the ability to sustain multiple kick drum hits as the ProLite does.

In real life the ProLite consistently achieved a slight lead over the Crown as far as headroom gpes in the real world. However it's worth noting in repeated bursts the ProLite 7.5 and IPR 7500 (IPR results were about 5% lower than the ProLite on the repeated kick drum test, but still higher than the Itech) both had a nearly 10 volt higher output into a 4 ohm load vs the iTech. This is significant as the iTech is rated at 3000 and ends up sagging on repeated kick drum hits. FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF THE PRO LITE 7.5.

Enter the ProLite 7.5.. Upon receiving the amp it's worth noting the vastly improved casework compared to the IPR and I breathed a sigh of relief after noting it was x40 gain. Later I noticed the 2.0 and 3.0 models still appear to be. 775 but on a amp this powerful a input sensitivity that high is a recipe for disaster, not to mention the lack of fixed gain.. Compared to the IPR2 7500 amps that I own it has a circuit breaker on the front panel in the typical crest fashion as well as improved power supply storage via larger and higher quality capacitors.

Upon hooking it up I immediately noticed it sounded much better than the IPR 3000 and very much the same as the original 1600!!! In fact when you consider this amp is fully differential, it is a fully balanced design from input to output with ample reserves in the secondary capacitance. This reduces power supply ripple as it cancels out in the output and on top of that any interference picked up internally is canceled as well. This makes for an amplifier with a truly quiet background that details in the music leap out from.

Seeing no point with blind testing I took this amp to my local Magnolia HiFi store after hours (have a friend that works there). We hooked this amp up to some 25000 dollar Bowers and Wilkins 800D speakers. With this amp the only comparison in the store was the 20 k, yes that's right 20 grand McIntosh monoblocks. Sound quality and the impressive lineage back to the IPR.

I have always been a fan of JD's class D design as introduced on the IPR 1600 some time ago. Starting with the 1600 it was a great leap forward compared to other Class D designs that always seemed shrill and tinny. Sound quality of course is a subjective characteristic and I have often resorted to blind testing amongst amplifiers. In many cases, people pick different with their eyes vs their ears. I set up a Crown XTi 4002, Crown Itech 6000, QSC PLX, QSC PL 380, Peavey 4080 hz and a QSC RMX 2450.

Some of these amps I own, several I borrowed. This was nominalized so that output signal was matched to the x40 factor of the Peavey CS 4080. The test speakers at the time were Martin Logans. Basically some low impedance home speakers that are fairly inefficient. Very good for exposing amps that do not like low impedance loads.

This is also very important as the output filter on class D designs and even the Itech makes for varying frequency response depending ohm load. The almost unanimous winner was the IPR 1600 for sound quality, from full bass to detailed detailed, airy highs, it sounded more natural than the XTI, smoother than the iTech and very similar to the CS 4080 except it had better high end response. This blind testing amongst audio enthusiasts in the area was done a few years ago when the IPR was initially introduced. Also of course there was the typically torture testing and of course to demonstrate the amazing power to weight ration I took a IPR 1600 (on compression drivers) and a IPR 3000 (running 2 ohms on mids) to a 1500 capacity night club to use on the top speakers for a concern. With the incredible 2 ohm power, I had decent head room, however you should have seen the look on peoples faces when the lifted the roughly 25 lb amp rack (1600, plus 3000 and of course the weight of the SKB rack).

Ok, so now it is time to beat on it. There is a local venue that I try to minimize my setup for. In this instance the amp will drive either four EAW sb 1000 boxes or 4 Peavey Versarray dual 18 boxes. In both instances it excelled even at 2ohms. Where my CC 5500s deliver only 2750 the ProLite gives me significantly improved headroom. In all honesty this one ProLite can replace 2 CC 5500s due to the improved Burst power, that helps with kick drum hits. Usually my amp racks consist of (1 rack per stack) 1Pro5200 on highs, a 9200 on mids and a Crest CC 5500 running 4 ohms on subs. For the IPR/Pro lite test, I brought out only 2 amps, a IPR7500 for mids/highs (switched the QW4s from Bi amp to full range) and a Pro lite 7.5. I truly intend to see if I can replace 6 amps with two and have a good show.

All throughout that night and subsequent events this setup has provided plenty of headroom and clarity not to mention powering all of that off of 2x 20 amp circuits rather than the usual 4. Despite the 2 ohm loads, the amps just kept belching it out and delivering loads of SPL for the crowd. One thing I have loved about IPRs from the get go is the low current draw. Not only is the peak amperage low but an easy load.

For example on the IPR 3000, it draws its ac load almost continuous as one channels outputs are inverted and the other channels inputs are inverted. This made it my go to backup amp because it can pretty much be plugged in anywhere, and get main PA speakers or even 2 ohm sub loads back up and running on virtually any circuit, even shared. With the 7.5 I found myself using it on single 15 amp circuits, going where no amp this big should go.

NO EARLY CLIP LIGHTS, just good power, anywhere. One memorable event was when a portable generator was not available to give me 3 phase 208. I had to use 320amp circuits for a Rick Trevino concert. I had 2 7500s and a single 7.5 running 6 monitor mixes on a single 20 amp breaker!

Idiotic to try yes, but in a act of desperation it worked. Again no blown breakers, or early limiting and in fact the drum monitor was aqw4. I had two other 20 amps running a 9200 and 5200 on one circuit and a 9200 by itself on the other (2 ohm subs). I still had to cut down by half in amp racks but the show happened. The Pro 200 amps albeit impressive did well , however putting a 3 high power amps on one circuit is a feat. The Itech on the other hand lends to much worse memories. I remember a little cook off where I was running the amp stereo 2 ohms and despite having a 20 amp line cord and having its own circuit the amp would shutdown if pushed too hard and come back up (remember, this was with no clipping, signal lights would occasionally flicker -10 db threshold).

I had to aggressively set limiters and limp through the night. Somehow, even with PFC this amp is exceeding its rated 1/8 power draw. This issue has been brought up by many of the people who have either been apart of the demo or who have used other amps in a home or studio environment. The ProLite 7.5 ties the QSC lightweight models for fan noise however are at a lower frequency.

This made it more pleasant and its worth noting in all testing the fans never ramped up to full 24 volts. The smaller Prolites such as the 2.0 are nearly silent and were the quietest in the group. This made both large and small ProLite's virtually disappear in the home setting.

While the Jaro fans are decently quiet on their own, another helping factor is the smooth ducting. Unline the CS and CC amps you are not blowing through turbulent heat sinks, the fans simply provide a draft through the amp case. Sound quality grade as per blind tests. Most detailed amp of the bunch. Sounded better than 7.5 bridged due to the more delicate nature in regards to high frequencies. Basically the same as the IPR below, more "Balls" on subs. Smooth, very natural, only beat by the bridged ProLite 2.0. Good all around, smooth and powerful. Low current draw for power.

Clipped early on full range signals, sounded good on 8 ohm loads but off on 4 ohm loads due to output filter. Sounded decent, early limiting in 4 and 2 ohm loads. Imagine a veil over speakers. Not as detailed as IPR or ProLite. At this price point the Class D amps from Crest have NO competition.

Crest Audio ProLite 7.5 Professional Power Amplifier Amp. Crossover 100Hz switchable 2nd order high pass and 3rd low pass per channel. Cooling 3 temperature dependent variable speed fans. Controls 2 front panel attenuators, crossover select switch for HPF, Normal and LPF.

Indicator LEDs Five LED indicators per channel: Active, Signal, ACL, Temperature and DC. Protection Thermal, DC, subsonic, incorrect loads, under and over voltage.

Inputs: Dual combination 1/4 XLR. Outputs: Dual 1/4 thru, one 2-pin & one 4 pin twist-lock connector.

Construction 0.062 thick aluminum. Rated power readings made with BW: 20 Hz to 22 kHz. 2 ohm steady state sine wave power is time limited by circuit breaker. Bridge operation is not possible. Net Weight does not include power cord.

Maximum RMS Voltage Swing 124 volts. Frequency Response 20Hz - 25kHz; +0dB, -3dB. 20Hz - 20kHz 2ch x 2 ohms. 20Hz - 20kHz 2ch x 4 ohms. 20Hz - 20kHz 2ch x 8 ohms.

Voltage Gain x 40 (+32dB). Phase Response +15 to -85 degrees from 20Hz to 20kHz. Input Sensitivity 2.25 volts +/- 3% for 1kHz 4 ohm rated power, 2.2 volts +/- 3% for 1kHz 2 ohm rated power. Input Impedance 20 kilohms, balanced and 10 kilohms unbalanced. Idle Consumption 250VA, 120 watts.

Dimensions 3.5"x19"x 17" behind front panel + 0.6" for handle. Best prices - We sell all Crest Products at great prices. Lifetime Customer Service by Crest product experts. Guaranteed legitimate and authentic merchandise.

If your item is defective or you want to return it for any reason within the first 30 days of when it was delivered to you; you have the following options. We will send you a.

To replace the item for a brand new one. All replacements and exchanges are free. Item Code: ProLite 7.5 U.

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Crest Audio ProLite 7.5 7,580 Watt Professional Power Amplifier Amp    Crest Audio ProLite 7.5 7,580 Watt Professional Power Amplifier Amp